Google Street View goes indoors at Downtown restaurant

The historic Arnold's Bar and Grill has announced it is the first place in Cincinnati to be street viewed in Google Maps.

Instead of just passing by on Google Maps Street View, you can walk right in and tour the entire place virtually in a full 360-degree view, just as you would in normal Street View.

You can see all the major public rooms of the restaurant, including the courtyard and even the bathtub in one of the second floor dining rooms. The photos jump the stairs in a single hop.

The process was done by the new business Alias 360 Photos, an offshoot of Alias Imaging in Downtown. Alias 360 Photos is a certified member of Google's Trusted Photographer program and was chosen by them to make this service available to businesses in the Cincinnati area.  Google's indoor view program has more safeguards that the normal streetside photos; for instance, the company asks businesses to warn customers if someone is shooting indoors.  In Arnold's case, no one was in the restaurant when the photos were shot.

The photos are exceptionally clear, although Google's face blurring technology has done its job on a face in one of the photographs on a wall.

You can see Arnold's on Google Maps Street View here.  Just click on the door and walk right in.

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