Sgt. Brian Dulle remembered one year after death

Brian Dulle
Brian Dulle

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Throughout the City of Lebanon are reminders of the sacrifice law enforcement officers give every day. Sgt. Brian Dulle was killed one year ago while deploying stop-sticks to stop a speeding car driven by Marcus Isreal.

Isreal has since been convicted of murder and will spend the next 25 years to life in prison.

"It was a huge loss. If you go back a year ago there were a series of emotions shock, hurt, anger," said Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims. "And a year later we want to remember Brian for how he lived."

At Dulle's grave site, people have brought flowers and there is a small sign that says dad.  It's clear Sgt. Dulle's death has impacted many including those at the sheriff's department.

On Thursday deputies wore black ribbons across their badges.

"The tragedy of Brian's death has made our agency grow closer," said Sheriff Sims. "I believe it's a message that has made us want to be better people, be better individuals, and provide better law enforcement for our community."

Brian's father tells FOX19 dealing with his son's death one year later is almost more difficult than dealing with the accident when it first happened.