Brent Spence toll idea getting mixed reaction

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Crossing the Brent Spence bridge will take a bite out of your wallet if Ohio Governor John Kasich has his way.

Kasich says funding for a $2.5 billion replacement bridge isn't assured. He says people need to think outside the box for ways to pay for the project. Kasich say charging a toll would provide a reliable source of revenue for the replacement bridge and construction could begin in 2014 which is two years ahead of schedule.

The Ohio governor is getting support from Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear who says tolls are an option.  Beshear says, "For a project of this magnitude, all financing options, including tolling, must remain on the table."

FOX19 talked to some of our viewers to see what they think of the toll idea.

Tim MacDonald of Cincinnati says, "I think its a bad idea....I think people will avoid it. I mean they put it in and don't want to pay for repairs to it so why stick it to the people."

Robin Hensley of Northern Kentucky says, "It probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Its probably a good way of getting some revenue."

Dawn Smith says, "Why should we the citizens pay of a toll on that bridge that they say they can't afford."

Dave Clemons says, "I don't think the toll on the bridge is a good idea because we're in a rough economy right now and a lot of people can't afford to pay the extra money to go across the bridge. It should be free."

Robert John says government takes too much money from citizens already. "They take enough money from us now for taxes and stuff."

Naomi Hansheu says she's keeping an open mind. She says "I think the bridge definitely needs to be replaced. I would say that if all else fails then maybe a toll, but I'm not sure that's the only solution."

If the toll idea were to move forward its not clear how much the toll would be, where the toll booths would be located and if tolls would be charged in both directions."

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