Police working diligently to find Chelsea Johnson's killer

Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - It's been 25 days since 15-year old Chelsea Johnson was found stabbed to death in a Fairfield creek and police still have not made any arrests.

Fairfield Police have two detectives working on the case.

"It's not only a matter of identifying the individual but also a matter of building a case against the individual that is going to lead to a successful conviction in court and sometimes it's the latter part that is most difficult," said Lt. Kevin Haddix with the Fairfield Police Department.

Detectives have a timeline of Chelsea's whereabouts on Sunday April 15th, the day she was last seen alive.

Around noon she was spotted at the Ameristop on Niles Rd. in Fairfield with a friend, Tim Childs.

Police say she was later seen near that same area in the late afternoon, but would not say if Childs was with Chelsea at that point.

Police say Childs is the person who found Chelsea's body and called 911 the next day.

"As far as Tim Childs goes, the only thing I can say is that he has been cooperative and if we need to interview him again, he'll be available," said Haddix.

Police say the person responsible was most likely close to Chelsea.

"Statistically, it would be someone she was acquainted with and we really haven't found anything that would lead us to believe other wise," said Haddix.

Chelsea's mother hopes whoever is responsible for the murder comes forward soon.

"Whoever did it, it's got to be eating them up," said Vicky Fible. "They have to come forward and say something. That's what I'm hoping anyways."

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