Hebron, KY Rocks!!

My block rocks in Hebron KY

I live on Northern Spy Dr in Orchard Estates so many things lets start with my neighbors thet are the best they are more than just neighbors they are family.

1st neighbor is Jennie Moreland and she helps everyone from her knowledge of flowers and yard work or just to watch the kids and doesn't ask for anything in return and neighbor is Shauna Setters who works at my kids Dr. Office and she always says to call her no matter what time of day if need help with the kids.

My daughter is 4yrs old and was not feeling well and I called her and she let me know to get her in the Dr. Office and not to give her anything to drink or eat so next day I did what she said and my daughter turned out to be diabetic and she was there to hug me and my daughter.

3rd neighbor Samilla Dunn aka Sam she is great she will step in to help no matter what if we don't know what we are doing she will find out how to. The rest of my neighbors are great to but that was just a taste of my neighborhood. The kids play together and fight together we all watch out for each other kids. My son Mason 6yrs goes to Gaoodridge Elementary and his teacher Mrs. Owen and the school is great they care about everyone of their students. There are many other reason why my block rocks I wouldn't want to live anywhere else or raise my kids anywhere else Mason 6yrs Makayla 4yrs.

Thanks FOX19 for letting me tell you about why my block rocks.

Missy wheeler