The Falls At Landen Rocks!


I am the assistant manager at The Falls At Landen.  We are an apartment community located in Maineville, Ohio just south of Kings Island.  I lived her for a little more than a year as does the community manager, Sandi Miller.
My block rocks because this is not just any ordinary apartment complex, in fact we are called a "community" for a reason.  The people here vary in age, economic status and ethnic background.  We all look out for each other.  We come together at the pool in the summer, in front of our homes to watch the Kings Island Fireworks and about once a month or once every six weeks resident activities are held in which our residents come together.  There is a work out facility and that is another great place that our residents can meet and blow off steam together. 
I can promise you that if you look high and low in the Greater Cincinnati area you will not find another apartment community that actually exemplifies the word "community."
And that is why.....MY BLOCK ROCKS!