Year Of The Cicada

Cincinnati parks say they still have plenty of openings to rent facilities for May and June weddings.

There's one catch -- it's the year of the cicada. These aren't those insects that buzz high in the trees on hot July and August days. This is the massive Brood Ten -- (b) billions of red-eyed, screeching bugs the size of shrimp that crunch underfoot for weeks. And when they die, scientists compare the smell to rank Limburger cheese. There are 12 known broods of cicadas that emerge as adults every 17 years to lay eggs. Their huge numbers mean birds can eat their fill and leave enough to breed. The nymphs will crawl underground to suck on tree roots -- then emerge in the year 2021.

They're annoying but don't do much damage. In fact, the carcasses fertilize lawns.