Cicada Ground Zero Report

Gene Kritsky, Ph.D. with the College of Mt. Saint Joseph says there's a very real chance the cicada invasion will begin as soon as Sunday. Residents in the Tri-State were originally led to believe cicadas would begin their takeover the third week of May, but Kritsky says if high temperatures on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday reach 80 degrees or more it changes everything. He says in 1987 and 1991 the winged creatures emerged after three consecutive days of 80 degree temperatures. Dr. Kritsky is using notes and measurements taken more than a decade ago to determine cicada hot zones. Here are the Tri-State hot zones: Milford, Terrace Park, Cincinnati Zoo area, University of Cincinnati area, Delhi Township, and Mt. Saint Joseph. In the Delhi area some two million are expected. That's approximately 100 per one square yard!