Armed Robber does it for Sneakers

Local police say a man flashed a gun and threatened a shoe salesman's life, all for a pair of sneakers. It may sound crazy but sales associates tell us, it's not at all uncommon.

According to Footaction workers and customers, when certain "exclusive" basketball sneakers come out, owning a pair can be a status-symbol one that some are placing way too much importance on.

"People will do whatever it takes to get them," said Fred Alexander. Monday morning it took a gun to get a pair of Herache sneakers at Footaction in the Kenwood mall. When salespeople tried to stop this so-called customer from leaving with shoes he didn't pay for employees say he showed a gun and said, "I'm gonna leave with these shoes one way or another."

It may sound crazy, risking years in prison, for $125 dollar pair of sneakers, but Footaction employees say it happens all the time.

Kenwood workers say someone---maybe the same guy---stole the same sneakers from their store last week. Footaction employees in western hills say something similar recently happened there.

They're stealing the sneakers worn by basketball stars.

Herache's, the shoes Laker's star Kobe Bryant plays in, and the just-released shoes Micheal Jordon played in 1987. The $110 "Jordon's" are not only expensive, they're pretty hard to come by. They were released about 9 days ago. Once they're all sold, it could be several years before they're re-released.

"They gangster. They fresh."

Fred Alexander loves a fresh pair of sneakers but doesn't like what some will do to get them. He says his friend was recently jumped by guys who wanted his shoes----pricey status-sneakers that some people want so badly...

"People will do whatever it takes to get them...some people," said Alexander.