Man Shoots Himself, Crowd Blames Police

A routine traffic stop in Winton Terrace turns violent after a man, police say shot himself in the head.  Lieutenant Kurt Byrd says an officer pulled over a man at Wineste and Short Craft for a traffic violation, when the officer approached the car, the man shot and killed himself.  People in the neighborhood heard the shots and starting blaming the police for the man's death.  Four to five shots were fired at police, Lt. Byrd says police never fired their weapons.  FOX19 News Reporter Lynsay Clutter reported that someone threw a cement block at a FOX19 News Van breaking the windshield, and a fire started in the Channel 9 news van.  Lt. Byrd says he doesn't know the details in the type of traffic violation, and hasn't identified the man who shot himself.  Police are looking for cruiser cam to get more details as to what happened before the suicide.  Stay tuned to FOX19 starting at 4:30 A.M. for the latest developments.