What's Working: Westwood clock restoration

What's Working in Westwood? For one, their Historical Society's commitment to preservation.

"The history, that's why we're here," said Greg Kissel of the Westwood Historical Society.

What isn't working? The Westwood School's old bell and clockworks. They sat on the school roof since 1909 but weren't discovered until the school's renovation started last year.

The historical society is restoring the bell and clock, not so students can get to class on time, but remember the past.

"It seemed very natural for us as a historical society to take this on, to actually see it restored and put back in as kind of a tribute to the people who founded the school back in the 1870's, and also to give the current generation a connection to the past," Kissel said.

Casimir Werk commissioned the bell and dedicated it to the old Westwood School in 1894. But retelling history has a toll. Although the bell and clock are almost complete, they still need more work. About $7,000 worth.

"It's a big project," said Sue Sizer of the Verdin Company.

The Historical Society is volunteering its time and hiring the Verdin Company to renovate the bell.

"Not many clocks or bells in old schools are around anymore because they've all been taking out with the electric ringing of school bells," Sizer said. "It was wonderful that the historical society could find them and restore them."

"Yes it's a labor of love, yes it takes lots and lots of hours but that's all part of it. Part of our mission," said Kissel.

The team hopes to have the clock up and ticking by mid-May. But time is money. The Westwood Historical Society has raised $22,000 to restore the bell and clockworks but still needs your help.

To donate head over to http://www.westwoodhistorical.org/.