Mt. Healthy Rocks!

What makes MY block rock?

Well, I happen to be fortunate enough to be a born and bred Mt. Healthyanite. Mt. Healthy is not a big town, but I do believe we have the best of everything here. My children, in grade school here, got to hear "I remember your mother doing that the same way". Our businesses treat you as people, family, instead of just customers. It's so nice to walk in to Pit to Plate, on Compton Rd., and hear "Hey Amy! The usual?" They remember, and I'm only there once, maybe twice a month. It's great to get smiles when you go anywhere in this town. People still care here. Neighbors still help each other when needed. Chats over the back yard fence DO still exist. Oh. And by the way....did I mention that we have the best Police, fire and EMS in the great state of Ohio? While I haven't needed the fire dept. yet, I have had to call on the EMS frequently, due to being a garegiver for my 78 year old mother, who has multiple health problems. They have always treated her like she was THEIR mother, with courtesy, respect, professionalism, and a good dose of humor to ease her fears. The police department, under the able guidance of Chief Al Schaffer, is a department to be greatly proud of. All the officers have shown great professionalism and courtesy, yet they still take the time to talk to the neighborhood children, keep an eye on the elderly and those in need, and share a joke or fishing story. And the Chief has shown that he is always available to the townspeople. Chances are, you just might see him walking what could almost be described as a "beat", visiting the shop owners in town. I think my block rocks. Kept me here for 38 years, didn't it?