John Is Surfer Of The Week!

Favorite websites other than;;;

Favorite FOX19 anchor or reporter:   Carolyn Costello, Lynsay Clutter, Regina Carswell, and Gene Cox.

Favorite show on FOX19: American Idol; The O.C.; and the Ten O'clock news!

Why YOU should be "surfer" of the week!: I turn 40 on May 5 and being 40 I've seen alot of websites in my long 40 years--so my standards are 40 years tall--and always lives up to my high expectations that I've set for a website in my 40 years. Being 40 I don't get out as much as I used to so I spend lots of time surfing the web and I always find myself back at because that's where the information is at--thats why I should be SURFER of the week!!