UC Bearcats player identified by witness in bar brawl

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bouncer Brian McLucas, 23, is accusing several UC players of assaulting him early Sunday morning at PLAY night club on seventh Street downtown.

McLucas tells FOX19 that he has a witness who will positively identify one of the Bearcat basketball players as someone who was involved in the altercation. The information was passed on the Cincinnati Police detective who is conducting the investigation.

McLucas said several players were sitting at someone else's VIP table and drinking their alcohol, and when he asked them to move, he was punched in the eye and then kicked when he took the player to the ground.

The Cincinnati police detective in charge of this case has informed FOX19 that she has interviewed McLucas, UC basketball players and employees and management at PLAY night club. The detective said more interviews are scheduled for Wednesday. At least three players are being interviewed, but names are not being released as no criminal charges have been filed.

FOX19 is not releasing the name of the player because no criminal charges have been filed. If, however, this particular player was in the night club Saturday night, he is under the legal drinking age of 21.

Meanwhile, McLucus's recovery continues. He was back in the hospital for a short time Tuesday afternoon. Doctors are keeping a close watch on his injured eye to make sure there is no permanent damage.

There is no surveillance video of the altercation. McLucas, who is part of the club's security staff, said  the video cameras in the club are just decoy cameras and don't record video.

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