Public Safety committee gives green light for CIRV funding

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council's Public Safety Committee passed a motion that would set aside nearly $250,000 dollars to go the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence.

The money would restore CIRV to pre-budget cut funding levels.

Full council could vote to approve the funding as early as Wednesday afternoon.

According to the motion, the money would go to pay for a Project Manager who would lead a "Strategy and Implementation Team". It would also fund technical support as well as data collection and analysis for each arm of the program which includes police, social services and community components. Finally, the money would help create an updated evaluation of the program.

According to councilman Cecil Thomas, prior to the drop in CIRV funding the City saw a forty percent decrease in group related crime. He says since then, that trend has changed.

The city's website states the program was modeled after the Boston Gun Project of the mid-1900's and uses a "focused deterrence strategy" to reduce group violence.

The program was praised in the latest audit of the city's police department as a model program the city should continue to invest in.

The money to pay for the program will come from the General Fund reserve for contingencies.

Councilman Cecil Thomas originally introduced the motion last month.

"CIRV gets the collective wisdom of the community, as well as the police, each one doing their part," Thomas says of CIRV.

CIRV was started in 2007 as a collaborative effort to cut down on gun violence in the Queen City. The program relies on community groups, police, and program workers to pool resources to combat violent crime.

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