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Look out for tax email phishing scam

Here's a cyber alert about a new phishing scam. Phishing is when a scammer sends you an email asking you to update, validate or confirm information. The email looks official, like it's from your bank or the government. 

In this scam, the emails claim to be from INTUIT, the parent company of TurboTax. It says they teamed up with the IRS to make sure your Taxpayer ID Number is matched up with your tax data, and it asks you to click on the link to update your account.

The IRS says this is yet another tax phishing scam, using the IRS logo and a reputable tax service logo or name - and include a link in the email to complete the task. If you click the link, it will usually request personal information that would lead to identity theft, or it will install a malware virus that would tear up your computer.

Officials with the IRS add that they will never initiate contact with you via email. So if you get one of these emails, it's best just to delete it.

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