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Police: Man steals purse & uses money to buy heroin


A man is in custody after police say he stole a woman's purse and used $200 dollars of her money to buy heroin.

Madeira Police say John Spinnie, 45, entered Connections Christian Church on Galbraith Road around 1:00pm Wednesday and told a worker inside he didn't have any money and was having vehicle problems. 

After Spinnie left the church, the victim noticed her purse was missing that contained personal belongings and $500 cash and called police.

Investigators were able to find Spinnie because he left behind a folder with his personal information inside.

Norwood Police Officers later located Spinnie and he admitted to the theft and told officers where he disposed of the purse.

Madeira's K-9, Amigo, searched the roadside along the Norwood Lateral and after about a 30-minute search, he came out of the wooded area with a purse in his mouth.

Police were able to recover $300 in cash from Spinnie, and a majority of the victim's property.

Spinnie admitted to spending the other $200 on heroin.

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