Renovations to Keller's IGA could begin again

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - Renovations to the old Keller's IGA in Clifton remain at a standstill and its not clear when the store might re-open.

Keller's was purchased by the Goessling family last September with plans to re-open in January of this year.

The cost of renovations have ballooned from $1.5 million to about $4 million.

The new store will be an upscale market with a large fresh produce and meat selection.

Having a neighborhood grocery store is important to Clifton residents like Dora Shield who doesn't own a car. Shield says she's trying to be patient. "I know that there's several people in my category, in my age group that feel like they're going to have to move out soon if they don't get a grocery store here. I'm frustrated, but I understand that there's a lot of red tape and bureaucracy involved in building a store," said Shield.

Vinny Ricciardi says he misses the convenience of a neighborhood grocery store. "I can't say I'm frustrated because I'm a very patient person. I just know that excellence is coming and I'm ready to see it happen," said Ricciardi.

Chris Cox says he can't wait for the store to re-open. "Just being a little patient with it and knowing that it will come in time, but anything I can do to support that and get it going again I'd love to be a part of it because this neighborhood would love to see that place come back," said Cox.

Bob Doll who runs the Proud Rooster restaurant says he sympathizes with the store's new owner Steve Goessling. "I'm frustrated for Steve. Everyday we have customers come in. When's he going to open, when's he going to open, we really don't know anymore," said Doll.

Mike Anagnosgtou, who owns Ludlow Wines, says Goessling's plans may have been too ambitious. "I think in retrospect what he should have done was cleaned up the existing Keller's store and restocked it and perhaps renovate it in phases," said Anagnosgtou.

Steve Goessling told FOX19 in March to expect a big announcement soon, but his spokeswoman Marilyn Hyland says Goessling ran into problems that were beyond his control. "He ran into a hostile lending environment which surprised him, but most of the country has experienced it as well, we feel hopeful that we'll have an answer and a construction schedule shortly," said Hyland.

Steve Goessling says he's as anxious as anyone to see the store re-open not only because of the money he's invested, but what it means to the neighborhood.

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