Who's Safe From Cicadas?

 If the predictions hold there are many areas in the Tri-State that won't be getting a hefty dose of cicadas in the coming days.  By now residents in the hot spots know who you are . . . Delhi Township, Cleves, Clifton, Bright, Indiana and Milford all will get their million or two.  But Campbell County Kentucky, Silver Grove, Withamsville, Alexandria, and New Richmond are examples of places that may only get a fly-by of  a few cicadas compared to the ground zero areas.  Cicada expert Dr. Gene Kritsky with the College of Mount St. Joseph says during their life-span adult cicadas can fly a couple of miles.  They're very good he says at jumping from tree to tree in a 4 to 5 block radius in a couple of days.  That means your neighbors cicadas may make a visit in your yard for a while.  Campbell County Kentucky resident Michelle Ferrara says she remembers being pregnant with her son 17 years ago when Brood X last emerged.  She says there were plenty of cicadas in that county back then so she figures they'll get their fair share despite the predictions.