Unrest in Winton Terrace; Trust in Forest Park

Monday night unfound rumors about Cincinnati Police escalated to gunshots from an angry crowd in Winton Terrace. But officers in another neighborhood want folks to think of them as stars, not targets.

Officers are handing out their version of baseball cards to everyone in the community but instead of star athletes the cards have the pictures and descriptions of every member of the department.

Forest park police are pretty tight with the community. Establishing mutual trust and respect has been a focus there for years. And all the effort seems to be working.

According to some young but very mature students you'd be unlikely to find a crowd---angry at police---around there.

" I just pray that it won't (happen here) because me, in my personal opinion, I think officers are good and trustworthy," said one student.

The department's latest trust building tactic may be their most creative---the police version of baseball cards. Every member of the department from the chief on down to the secretary is featured on a card.

"They know your face, they know you're name. We've had people come to the department at 3 o'clock in the morning asking for their Dare officer, because they had a problem," said Dare Officer George Huber.

On the back of the cards, you can read each officer's favorite inspirational quote. For example, one car reads, "You are an important person, take pride in what you do."

"I think it means if you make a mistake I think you should learn from it."

It's about getting to know, and learning to trust, the men and women under the uniform.

"Citizens want to trust their police department and public trust is is powerful," said Forest Park Police Chief Ken Hughes. "They become our partners."