High School Hazing

Three students sue over videotaped hazing at Chicago-area school

Three Chicago-area teens who claim they were injured in a high school hazing incident are suing their former schoolmates and their parents. The lawsuit names more than 20 former Glenbrook North High School students as defendants. It claims the teens were choked, assaulted and forced to eat pig intestines. Last year's "powder puff" event at a forest preserve north of Chicago gained national attention when videotapes of the incident surfaced. Students had buckets of hair, animal entrails and other filth dumped on them. Five students ended up in the hospital. The lawsuit claims the three plaintiffs suffered concussions and needed psychological counseling. More than 30 seniors were expelled and 16 students were convicted on misdemeanor charges. A mother whose daughter was expelled calls the suit "without merit," and adds the country is "lawsuit-crazy."