Suicide Drive

Police one of drivers in double-fatality crash was bent on killing himself

The Butler County coroner says a Middletown man had doused himself with gasoline before driving his car at high speed on a city street and crashing into another vehicle, killing a young mother and himself. Coroner Richard Burkhardt says 21-year-old Oscar Jimenez' body caught fire but it isn't known if he lit the accelerant on his body or it was the result of the car catching fire. Burkhardt says the death of 24-year-old Kimberly Weaver of Miamisburg has been ruled a homicide. Police say Jimenez had an argument with his girlfriend and poured gasoline on himself and drove off, threatening to set himself on fire. He was traveling an estimate 80 miles an hour when he slammed into a car driven by Weaver, a mother of two. Police say Jimenez's car actually drove through Weaver's, went airborne, burst into flames and rolled about 100 feet. Both drivers were dead at the scene.