Father Accused of Rubbing Cayenne Pepper Into Daughter's Wounds

A Cincinnati man, and his ex-girlfriend, are accused of beating his five-year-old daughter, then rubbing a mixture of cayenne pepper and Vaseline on the girl's bruises.

Lawrence Ladson and Deshanta Lee are both charged with endangering children and felonious assault.

Police say the girl was beaten after she splashed water on her father's bathroom floor. Records show the girl had bruises on her face and body.

Ladson told police he spanked the girl, but did not beat her. He also admitted putting cayenne pepper and Vaseline on his daughter's wounds as a medical remedy. FOX 19 investigated, and discovered that cayenne pepper is used as a healing herb.

Ladson and Lee are both free on their own recognizance. The girl is now staying with her biological mother.

The girl's baby-sitter called police after she noticed the bruises.