Pest Control Company Helps Family

Meet Chris Merritt. Professional bug exterminator. And good Samaritan.

"I think it's important to help out people in the community the supports your business," the owner of Merritt's Pest Prevention told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

On this day, Chris was helping out FOX 19 viewer Cheryl Lackey.

Last year, the school cafeteria supervisor paid another pest control business more than $300 to stop termites from eating her home. Cheryl thought her bug troubles were over. She was wrong.

Months after the treatment, the bugs returned. Cheryl had a warranty, but couldn't locate the company who treated her home. So she called FOX 19 for help.

Turns out the owner recently passed away, and the company was dissolved. So was Cheryl's warranty. Cheryl called another company and was told it would cost nearly $2,000 to knock off her termites.

Money the family didn't have.

Now, the good news. After we aired our story, several companies volunteered their services including Chris Merritt. Chris says had these bugs been ignored, Cheryl would have been out much more than $2,000 dollars.

"Damage. A lot of damage. Possibly in the thousands of dollars"

"How do you feel about what Chris is doing today? Absolutely wonderful," said Cheryl. "I love Chris. I love Chris."

And if you have termites or other pests, you can call Merritt's Pest Prevention at (513) 737-BUGS.