Tri-State Woman Says Policeman Too Rough

A Tri-State woman says she was "roughed up" by a policeman and she claims to have the bruises and video tape to prove it.  Ashley Wilson, 23, of Brookville, Indiana says the officer shoved her to the ground, put a knee in her back, and severely twisted her arms inside a women's restroom at the Who Cares? Sports Bar on Brookville's Main Street.  The incident happened early Saturday morning and the majority of the arrest was caught on security cameras.  Officer Brian Bischoff is being accused of using excessive force by Ashley, her boyfriend, and witnesses who saw it all.  Neither Bischoff nor Police Chief  Bruce Baker would agree to an on-camera interview Thursday.  Chief Baker says the videotape and the entire encounter is being reviewed.  Baker did anticipate being able to make a statement on Friday.  Ashley showed FOX 19 several bruises on her body.  She is charged with public intoxication, battery, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.  As of late Thursday Bischoff was still an active member of the Brookville Police Department.  Stay tuned to FOX 19 for updates.