Two police officers crash during memorial parade

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police have released the names of the officers injured in a crash during the police memorial parade on Thursday.

It happened at 6th and Race Streets in Downtown Cincinnati around 10:30 a.m.

Investigators say Miami Township Clermont County Police Officer Gary Roush, 50, was driving his motorcycle westbound on Race Street when it came into contact with a motorcycle driven by Cincinnati Officer Michael Silberstein, 38.

Traffic unit commander Lt. Bruce Hoffbauer says Officer Roush's motorcycle continued on 6th Street and rear ended a van.  "The van was parked, but the van was struck by the Miami Township Clermont county motorcycle and the rider was ejected from the motorcycle and he apparently struck the rear of the van. The Cincinnati motorcycle went down on its side and the officer was ejected of his motorcycle."

Both officers were taken to University Hospital for treatment.

Hoffbauer says Officer Silberstien has been sent home. "Officer Silberstien has just been released from University Hospital...he's going to go home and rest. He's got quite a few bruises, contusions and he's complaining of some pain, but he did not break his leg....we thought he might have at first and it turned out that he did not."

Hoffbauer says Officer Roush is still in serious condition. "It's my understanding the Miami Township Clermont county cop is still at university hospital and I've not been told how long he's going to be there."

Lt. Hoffbauer says the accident is a reminder of the hazards of the job. "I think it puts things in perspective and we realize how dangerous the job can be you know even on a bright sunny day. We're going to honor some police officers who've been killed in the line of duty and then on this day it brings it home to all these guys...all these men and women how dangerous this job is.

There is a surveillance camera at the intersection of 6th and Race streets, near the scene of the accident, but its not clear if the camera captured any images of the accident.

Police are asking anyone who saw the accident to contact them.

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