Indian Hill Park Land Public or Private?

In Eastern Hamilton County the Indian Hill community could become one of the few that restricts the use of taxpayer purchased park land.  That's one of the ideas being talked about by community leaders, but later this month concerned citizens will have a chance to put in their two cents.  The park land is about 300 acres that's adjacent to Highway 126 in Camp Dennison along the Little Miami River.  The former gravel pit, recently purchased for $7 million is not suitable for home development so Indian Hill is talking about creating a wildlife preserve that can only be used by Camp Dennison and it's own community's residents.  The land is home to deer, ducks, even bald eagles and Indian Hill community leaders don't want human traffic to disrupt the natural setting.  Whether you disagree or support the restriction idea you're asked to attend a public hearing on May 25th from 6pm to 8pm at the Livingston Lodge.  It could take as long as a year for the Grand Valley park to become reality.