They're slowly making their way up the United States from the south.  On April 30th the cicadas emerged about 60 miles north of Atlanta.  One week later, they emerged in Knoxville Tenessee.   And Monday Doctor Gene Kritsky received unconfirmed reports the cicadas have emerged in Southern Kentucky.  The Tri-State will be their next stop.

"We needed a good soaking rain to soften the soil and then they should come out."

Parts of the Tri-State did get that soaking rain Monday.  So the cicadas in those areas could start to emerge within the next 24 to 48 hours.  And the Tri-State will begin to write yet another chapter in cicada history.

Intrigue has surrounded cicadas since the first records of American History.  The Pilgrims called the emergaence a plague which sickness would surely follow.  They'd use the cicada's wings to predict war.

Through science, much of the mysticism surrounding cicadas has died although some still consider the buggers a plague.

When they emerge, some will run for cover, some will take in the experience, and people like Gene Kritsky will record history in the making.

Oh we'll be kicking into high gear," said Kritsky.