The Brown County Search Has Ended

Investigators say today is final day of digging to find missing woman

Investigators have called off the Brown County search for Carrie Culberson tuesday. Authorities are hoping that the items that they found at the site will lead them to where her body is.

Brown County Chief Deputy John Dunn says a seventh article was found Monday under a pole barn where dogs have indicated a human scent. The barn is near Blanchester in southwest Ohio. He says the latest find is something that makes sense in getting rid of a cadaver. Despite digging more than 15 feet deep, investigators have found no sure sign of 22-year-old Carrie Culberson.

Her former boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted of her murder and is serving a life sentence in prison. Dunn says because the dirt is not disturbed beneath 15 feet, he's confident that Culberson's body is not at the site if nothing else is found in the remaining area. He says it's possible her body was pulverized before either she or her belongings were allegedly buried at the site.