Brandsteade Rocks!!

My block, on Brandsteade Ct., rocks because we are all about kids who rock!

Our neighborhood is loaded with kids who go to school together, play together, and have a baseball team together. Just about every weekend kids are spending the night at each other's houses, sometimes even 2 or 3 kids at a time. All the kids play outside together, ride bikes, rollerblade, play street hockey and baseball, and catch frogs in the creek. You name it, they do it. We have blocks parties every year for the start of school, 4th of july, halloween, or for no reason at all! The ladies of the block get together each month and play Bunco, and the men, well they just hang out and do what men do best. We have a neighborhood bowling league. During the summer, we hang out at night around a fire, while the kids play flashlight tag or Ghost in the Graveyard.

We even go on summer vacations together. Last year, we had 8 families on vacation in Hilton Head together! How many blocks can come up with 8 families who want to spend a family vacation together?!?! But, best of all, our block rocks because we are always there for each other. We are there to watch one another's kids, to keep the neighborhood safe, we welcome new babies into the family, and we join together at times of crisis, from a death in the family to fund raisers for serious family illnesses. we join together and support one another.

There's no better block that rocks!! Way to go Brandsteade!

Thanks FOX19 for the opportunity to Rock my Block!