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Local company plays role in space capsule launch

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - At nearly 4 a.m. Tuesday morning history was made as the first commercial space capsule was launched to the International Space Station. A manufacturing company in Lebanon played a part in making the launch a realty, making the cutting tools used to manufacture the Space X Falcon 9 Rocket.

"Our product is used to cut the combustion chambers on the rockets," said Robert Dane, Owner of American Saw and Products, Inc. "The Falcon 9 that went up has nine engines, so there is a tremendous amount of work that has to be done using our tools on each engine."

So far the company has made 500 cutting blades for the Space X project and each blade takes about 30 minutes to make.

"We have to make sure our tools are right every single time," said Dane. "If our tools aren't right it could lead to a catastrophic failure which nobody wants to see."

American Saw and Products is mainly a family operated business, but has a lot of potential for growth over the next 10 to 15 years.

"They currently have us tabulated as the only person that is going to supply them with these cutting tools in the next 10 to 15 years," said Dane. "So the growth will go along with where Space X goes. If Space X has a huge growth in launches to space, American Saw will also benefit from that growth."

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