Red Cross and neighbors help victims of weekend fire

LOWER PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - The Red Cross is helping three area families who lost their home in a weekend fire.

The fire broke out Saturday morning inside the multi-family home in the 1900 block of State Avenue.

The families are also benefiting from the kindness of strangers.

All that remains of the three-story home is a pile of rubble.  It was torn down for safety reasons. Beverly Emery says she and the other two families that lived in the home are trying to put their lives back together. She says they're getting help. "Since this has happened we've had so many people help us and they don't even know me considering I just moved in here not too long ago," said Emery.

Emery and her family moved into the home just four days before the fire took everything they had. She says a neighbor has offered her another place to live. "We went and we looked at it and we told him that we wanted it, but we didn't have any money right now from what happened and he was so nice enough to go ahead and let us stay anyway," she said.

Ronda Banks who also lived in the house says the ordeal has been very hard. "Right now we're struggling because we have no means to cook, buying food everyday. Our neighbors have been here, you know they've been generous," said Banks.

FOX19 has often reported how the Red Cross provides emergency disaster assistance and the organization is also helping Ronda and the other two families that have been left homeless. "They sat down with the families. They gave us two nights stay at the Ramada Inn," she said.

Soteria Brown with the Red Cross says they try to meet basic needs. "Providing things like shelter, food, clothing and even at times financial assistance," said Brown.

The Red Cross responds to about 1,000 disasters in the Tri-State area every year and they try to tailor their assistance to individual needs. "Even if you need your medications refilled, that you lost due to the disaster we helped with those types of assistance, but all this assistance is based on a case by case basis," she said.

Ronda says she grateful for the assistance provided by the Red Cross, but she's still mourning the loss of her dog who died in the fire.

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