Students react to Crosstown Shootout changes

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Many Students at Xavier and UC were disappointed by the news Tuesday that  the Crosstown Shootout will be changing venues. For some students, the memory of the Crosstown clash is still fresh.

"I did not expect a fight," Briana Davis said. "My mouth dropped."

Briana Davis was at the game when the fight broke out

"I figured when they got a timeout everything would be OK," she explained. "But obviously I was wrong."

Even still, Davis is not a fan of moving the game downtown.

"I don't see them fighting again and just because it's at the US Bank Arena there still could be a fight," she argued. "There's still two teams out there on the floor."

Despite most Xavier students being off campus for the summer, the word of the change is still getting out.

"I think this is a good way to move on," senior Kristin Sanfilippo said.

"It can be an entire Cincinnati occasion instead of just Xavier getting revved up and UC getting revved up year after year," Xavier Junior Matthew Morefield said.

"I don't know how it's going to work; if it turns into more of a camaraderie for Cincinnati or if it's just more of a rivalry," Sanfilippo said. "It will be interesting when we're all in the same arena."

Over at UC, some students say the move is a disappointment.

"It's farther away and it really takes away the fun of the game for the students," Freshman Devan Oliphant said.

"I think it's just unfortunate because part of the rivalry stems from being on the campus," Jay Neyer explained. "A lot of it's the environment of the students."

"I feel like they learned their lesson. Is anybody going to be throwing punches?" UC student Taylor Smith questioned. "I seriously doubt that after what happened this year."

"It's going to be my senior year so I'm a bit disappointed," admitted Janelle Wichmann. "I go to the Crosstown Shootout every year."

The UC students say their disappointment does not translate into ditching the game, however.

Students say they look forward to the game eventually coming back to the home courts, but some students like Davis believe the event may become a permanent fixture downtown.

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