Concealed Carry Proponents Start Boycott

The law says you can't carry a concealed weapon into airports, schools, and government buidings.  But many private businesses are also prohibiting guns, and that has permit holders upset their safety is at risk.  After going through all the training, their ability to protect themselves is being taken away.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry spokesman, Jim Irvine, says evidence from other states shows that places that ban guns have more shootings.  That's because the stickers posted on the doors is like a neon sign to criminals.

"Criminals like to go to the places where they're the only ones who have guns.  We're hoping business owners will take a look at it and make an informed decision. We are a group concerned about safety.  That's the purpose of this concealed carry law is to save lives."

The group has started a boycott of businesses that ban guns.  On their website, they have cards you can get that say "No guns equals No money."  It's to let store owners know they have lost a customer. You can visit their website at or