Cicadas can be more than just Pests.

Many of you see the cicada invasion as a pesty inconvenience. But the little critters have been known to cause some serious problems around the tri-state. 17 years ago the cicadas killed young trees, caused problems for folks on the job, on the road, and even in the hospital. So this time around...people are getting prepared.

Cicadas can mistake almost any sound for their love song. 17 years ago they swarmed toward the hum of the airconditioning cooling towers at

They drowned in the water and began to clog the system. The hospital had to act fast to avoid shutting down and putting lives at risk.
So for the 6 week cicada season, they had men, armed with shovels, at work around the clock.

"We had at least 2 people on shifts around the clock with shovels just dumping them in dumpsters

said Rick Perkinson, Christ Hospital's Facilities Manager.

This time around they, as well as other hospitals and institutions, hope quarter inch nylon mesh will keep the cicadas out.

Cicadas are also attracted to jet engines. But if you have a fear of flying, listen up. Delta says the only ones who get hurt on the runway are the cicadas themselves. We're told the bugs don't do much more than make a mess.

If you're operating a chainsaw, a drill, or even a lawnmower it could be another story

. R
ev up the engine and
"They just swarm the saw, yea
says one construction worker.

"They'll come right at you, they like the noise

said another.
So be prepared.
f you get flustered, you could have an accident.

And what about drivers?
icadas have been known to smash into windshield's and fly into cars
causing a potentially dangerous distraction.
Advice from one driver, "Well I just keep my windows up."