Covington Police employ new weapon to foil copper thieves

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Covington Police have a new weapon in their war on copper thieves.

It's called the Centurion Wireless Security System and is intended to be used in problem crime areas.

Specialist Justin Bradbury puts the system through its paces by tripping a sensor which activates a silent alarm which is sent directly to the officer on the street.

Bradbury says the system is portable. "We can use it over and over and over again in multiple locations. We're the monitoring system so we're not paying any extra cost to have the system monitored," said Bradbury.

Bradbury says alerts are sent out as soon as the sensors are tripped. "We get a more instant response. As soon as the perimeter is breached our officers immediately respond. They get notification over the radio that where ever we're monitoring has been broken into," said Bradbury.

Lt. Col. Mike "Spike" Jones says the system also saves police money in other ways. "Essentially it becomes a set of eyes and ears as opposed to paying a police officer to set and do physically surveillance on a house. This electronic device does that for us," he said.

Bradbury says the system takes just minutes to install and is ideal to catch thieves. "Trouble areas where we're receiving lots of complaints or reports of burglaries especially in vacant houses, air conditioning units and things like that."

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