Aurora homeless shelter director says cardboard panhandling is a scam

AURORA, IN (FOX19) - The director of a Tri-State homeless shelter says you are being scammed if you give money to people holding cardboard signs asking for help.  Craig Beckley with Heart House in Aurora says he is tired of seeing people being taken advantage of, and says if those folks asking for help really wanted it, they would come to a shelter like his and get their lives back on track.

Heart house is the only homeless facility of its kind in Southeastern Indiana currently serving about 65 people including a dozen children. "If you want to come up to the Heart House, we'll give you a meal, you can get a shower, we'll do your laundry for you. In ten years of asking panhandlers to stop by, not one person has ever come," said Beckley

The Wal-mart in Aurora as a popular panhandling spot along with the Kroger in Tanner's Creek Shopping Center which also sees its share of corner beggars.

FOX19 asked Beckley if they are scamming people. "Yes sir they are. They're taking advantage of the good-heartedness of the general public," said Beckley.

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