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Evidence in Ben-gal Cheerleader and former teacher case voluminous


The former Dixie Heights High School teacher and Captain of the Ben-Gal cheerleading team, Sarah Jones, 27, who has been charged with having sexual relations with an underage student, has been granted a hearing to pursue moving her Dietrial date. Monday, it was set for June 27, but her attorney, Charles Lester, Jr., is expecting to receive an unprecedented amount of discovery for a criminal case and therefore a new hearing has been set for June 11.

Lester, who spoke with Fox19 News, filed a motion Thursday to seek the hearing due to having a DVD which contains some 9,500 pages. In addition, there are 9,000 pages of Facebook material, 5,000 pages of pictures from a photo website called "Shutterfly", 4,000 pages of phone records, 500 pages of bank records, 200 pages of Twitter correspondence, an unspecified hundreds of pages of emails, and 1,000 text messages. Even Lester has no idea at this time how much of the material is actually relevant to the case but he says, "This is so important that this be done right so that means we have to review all the evidence that they've given us"

Sarah Jones is facing one to five years in prison if convicted of Sexual Abuse, a Class D Felony. Her mother, Cheryl, the former Twenhoffel Middle School Principal, is also facing one to five years in prison for Tampering with Evidence in the case against her daughter. "If they get convicted because we haven't had a chance to go through this stuff, they lose their freedom, they lose their right to vote, they lose a lot of civil rights that you and I have as people with no felony convictions on our record".

Cheryl Jones could lose her retirement benefits, if convicted. "Cheryl's been a teacher and administrator in the Kenton County School System for 35 years and one of the realities is that if you get convicted of a felony you lose any state pension you may have".

Fox19 News attempted to get a response from the Special Prosecutor on the case, Sara Farmer, but she did not return phone calls.

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