Aurora considers panhandling ordinance following FOX19 story

AURORA, IN (FOX19) - We met the man who calls himself "Turn Up along US 50 in Lawrenceburg along with three other men who are asking for your help financially. According to Aurora police, the men are not homeless at all but live in this duplex in Aurora, and, according to neighbors, are paying $895 a month in rent. "They've just been letting me stay here for a little bit while I'm on my way through," said Turn Up, who got the nickname because "you never know where I'm going to turn up."

Under Indiana's panhandling law, as long as the beggar doesn't actively ask for money, its not a violation."What I've heard is going on is guys are passively standing with a sign," said Aurora city attorney Jeff Stratman. "They don't engage you in conversation unless you first engage them and that would be an exception under the state law."

Turn Up, said Wednesday he would take a landscaping job if someone offered, but Stratman had already done that. "I told him I couldn't give him a hundred dollars for the balance of the day but I'd give him ten dollars an hour if he wanted to get in the car and go work and he refused to work."

There is a loitering ordinance in Aurora, but nothing that covers panhandling. "This is probably something we'd want to look into if we want to adopt some local ordinance for panhandling if its an ongoing problem that we see," said Stratman.

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