Local cub scouts put their mark on Memorial Day

Northern Kentucky cub scouts are putting a special mark on Memorial Day.

Members of Pack 708 from Villa Hills, placed 999 American flags on the graves of soldiers who died during the civil war, followed by a salute.

It took the group around 20 minutes to place the flags on the graves which covered more than 900 acres.

"We're doing it to honor how they died for us to save us. I think it feels kind of good so you can make them stand out," said 9-year-old Avory Svatba.

It gave the cub scouts the chance to learn about the history of the country and honor America's fallen brothers.

"We're in the business of making memories, so that is the objective here today to make sure that they have something that they take away with them all their lives," said Cub Master Ted Gaeddert.

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