Suspended Priest Returning To Ministry

Fr. Raymond Larger, whom Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk placed on administrative leave on August 4, 2003, is returning to priestly ministry on may 17. he will reside at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains in downtown Cincinnati and celebrate the sacraments in parishes as needed.

Fr Larger was placed on administrative leave following his conviction on a charge of public indecency in Dayton, Ohio on July 23, 2003. He was fined and placed on probation. No minors were involved. While on leave, during which he has not been permitted to present himself as a priest, Fr. Larger has been in counseling to address the issues related to this incident. His treating psychologist has advised the archdiocese that it would be appropriate for Fr. Larger to return to active ministry.

"I am deeply sorry for my wrongdoing," Fr. Larger said. "I apologize to those I have hurt and who were offended by my behavior, especially my former parishioners, my family, and my friends."