Memorial Day weekend brings the heat

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It is a hot Memorial Day weekend and people all over the Tri-State are working to beat the heat. Two major events happening in downtown Cincinnati included the Reds game and Taste of Cincinnati.

"Its smokin' hot outside," said bottled water vendor, Tom Hagins. "Very, very hot."

The main goal of the day for many was trying to stay cool. "It's unheard of man, too hot for me," said native New Yorker, Dan McDonald.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do come August," said Taste of Cincinnati festival goer, Tawnya Chatmon.

Those who had to work the grills at Taste had a particularly difficult time of it. "If it wasn't for the fan and a whole bunch of water, I'd done be passed out," Charles Roberson, a grill cook with Andy's Mediterranean Grille.

With temperatures reaching into the 90's those who know say to just wait a day or two. "That's Cincinnati for ya. One day its 90 the next day its 70. One day its 40 the next day its 80, you know. Its hit and miss," said McDonald.

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