WWII veteran pays his respects on Memorial Day

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - World War II veterans continue to be a shrinking group, but there are still many veterans taking part in Monday's observances.

As the Memorial Day parade marched down the streets of Covington, 88-year-old Guy Collins paid his respects to the soldiers of the past, present and future.

It's a position he was in nearly 70 years ago serving in the Navy when he was just 19 years old.

"I worked on the diesel engines and the gasoline engines and repaired all the engines," said Collins.

Collins said he saw very little combat while he served from 1943 to 1946 but there are images of the war that replay in his mind.

"The guy working with me almost burned up from gasoline and I had to put him out and I went to see him and they were going to have to discharge him because they were going to have to skin graph both of his arms," recalls Collins.

Collins still serves as a chaplain for the American Legion.

"This morning we went around to six different cemeteries or memorials so it means a lot to me," he said.

He says he is always thinking about the young men and women serving our country overseas.

"They're going through a heck of a deal. I don't say that the guys in WWII didn't go through the same thing, but I think it is brought out in the open more now," said Collins.

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