Tri-State pays tribute to our nation's military

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Memorial Day put everyone in a holiday mood on Monday.

A day when the stars and stripes are unfurled in all its glory and children scramble for candy in the streets.

"Spending time with family and enjoying the parade today," said Andrea Garten of her Memorial Day.

There is one reason why we can enjoy this precious commodity called freedom, our veterans.

"Patriotism is alive and well," said Jane Bailey.

Roy Miller agrees and says the holiday is all about our fallen heroes.

"To remember those who have given their all to this country," said Miller.

We are free to enjoy baseball in the spring and football in the fall instead of wondering if we would ever be free again.

"We wouldn't think of a Memorial Day without honoring our veterans and our country. We really need to do that," said Bailey.

It's the reason we can enjoy festivals and food on the table and not wonder where our next meal is going to come from.

"Genuine heroes who have paid for our freedom with their lives," said Mark Weber.

It's the reason we can walk down the street without having to look over our shoulder. Men like PFC Brett Bondurant of Lawrenceburg gave both of his legs in Afghanistan so we could have this gift.

"Some don't realize how important this day is to not only myself but everybody else, every veteran, airmen, sailors, marines and soldiers. It means a lot to everybody, especially me," said PFC Bondurant.

For the men of the older wars, time is becoming much more valuable.

"Right now we're just losing about 10,000 of them a month, our veterans," said Richard Bailey.

On this day of parades, parties and proud moments we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. We also want to recognize our National Guard and Coast Guard members as they too play an important part in keeping our boarders safe.

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