Lakota to consider open enrollment for employees

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Lakota Board of Education is considering whether to open enrollment to students whose parents are Lakota employees but do not live in the district.

For years, Lakota has had a closed enrollment policy, meaning only students who live in Liberty or West Chester townships can attend.

Lakota has not had the capacity to accept students who live outside the district because population growth had been so steep for so long.

But due to a decline in enrollment and revenue, the Board is in the early stages of reviewing whether to change that policy.

The topic is on the Tuesday, May 29 Board agenda for discussion.

Lakota would receive $5,704 in reimbursement from the state for each student it accepts from outside the District. If adopted, the policy would allow the District to set class, grade and building enrollment maximums. The superintendent would be given authority to deny admission to students if those limits would be exceeded.

Lakota does not plan to hire additional staff if the new policy leads to more students. The intent of the proposed policy is to generate more revenue but not more expenses.

Approved applications would be good for one year. Approval for one year would not guarantee approval in subsequent years.

Some details about open enrollment are available in the March 2012 District-wide budget proposal, pages 100 to 105. That report can be found at

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