Lakota considering open enrollment

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - On Tuesday, the Lakota School Board discussed an open enrollment policy that would allow district employees living outside of the district to enroll their child at Lakota.

Surrounding districts like Princeton City Schools and the Mason School District have similar policies, and such policy would generate $5,700 per student enrolled from outside of the district.

"We're saying ok, does it make sense in this district to open those doors up again because our enrollment has decreased in the past two years and we haven't seen that for years," said Jenni Logan, Treasurer of Lakota Schools.

The district has 76 students that are going to other districts through open enrollment.

"There are over $400,000 of state money that is being redirected to other districts that would be coming to Lakota," said Logan.

Now Lakota wants a piece of the pie. Officials say 700 district employees live outside of the district and could be allowed to send their child to Lakota Schools under a new enrollment policy. The goal is to generate revenue without adding expenses.

"The open enrollment policy will be written so that we can set maximum class size, building size, so that we will not be looking at increasing staff levels for this new student enrollment," said Logan.

Fairfield City Schools approved a new open enrollment policy this spring, allowing any student to apply to attend the district.

"This truly is an opportunity to generate some additional revenue that may be able to help us fund Fairfield a little further than we anticipated," said Paul Otten, Superintendent of Fairfield City Schools.

Fairfield currently has 95-students who open enroll in other districts equaling a loss of more than $500,000. Now Fairfield will compete with neighboring districts to generate revenue.

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