How far would you go for a taco?

Check out this cutie! Jayden is enjoying the day at the park! Thanks to Aniya McDonald for this adorable picture!
Check out this cutie! Jayden is enjoying the day at the park! Thanks to Aniya McDonald for this adorable picture!

Goooood morning! :)

After all of the heat and humidity over the weekend, things are finally starting to cool down! Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying we'll be left with plenty of sunshine and drier air as highs reach 80 degrees today!

You can check out Katy and Frank all morning long for your current weather conditions and a complete seven-day forecast!

The search will resume this morning for a man who went missing after falling into the Great Miami River. Police received a call around 6 PM Tuesday night about a man in his 20s falling into the river near the Beaver Dam and never coming back up to the surface. FOX19 is keeping a close eye on this story and we will bring you updated information as it becomes available.

A police officer who was stuck by a car while chasing an assault suspect overnight in Reading remains in serious condition at University Hospital. Dan Wells is out live to bring you the very latest at 5 AM.

Loco for tacos: one man's taco temper has landed him behind bars. The man became so upset over being shorted one taco at the Taco Bell drive-thru in Huber Heights that he decided to back his car up and drive it right into the building! It didn't take police very long to find him because he pulled off and drove back home. My only question is, did he ever get his last taco?

Are you a fan of great acapella music? If so, you're in luck! The NKY Brotherhood Singers will be in our studios to talk about their recent performance in Russia and to give us a preview of their musical pipes! Be sure to check them out at 8:45!

Our favorite weather man, Frank Marzullo, is out and about again this morning - this time he's stop, drop and rolling for fire safety! Frank will be paying a visit to one local firehouse to hang out with a few kids and national fire safety authority, Dr. Robert Cole to talk about how to keep you and your family safe. Tune-in at 9 AM to see if Frank can handle the heat!

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