OH Sen. Rob Portman seems to be clear choice for Romney

OH Senator Rob Portman
OH Senator Rob Portman

Speculation continues that Ohio Senator Rob Portman is the top choice for a running mate for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The latest buzz comes from a political strategist affiliated with The Daily Beast. The online opinion site is just the latest source of that speculation, political pundits from New York to Washington DC also say Portman is the safe and smart choice. Publications like the Wall Street Journal also seem to think Portman has it locked up.

One strategist goes as far as saying that Portman is as safe a bet as there is. Portman does have plenty of experience as a congressman, senator, budget director, and cabinet member for President George W. Bush. Another strong pitch, he's an Ohio Senator, the most important swing state.

The Daily Beast also released a list of candidates that will reportedly meet with Romney in the coming days.

After the so-called clear choice, here is the rest of the list: Chris Christie, the current Governor of New Jersey, Bobby Jindal, the current Governor of Louisiana, Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida, Paul Ryan, the current Congressman from Wisconsin, Bob McDonnell, the current Governor of Virginia, Mitch Daniels, the current Governor of Indiana, Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota, Susana Martinez, the current Governor of New Mexico, Jeb Bush, politician and former Governor of Florida.

After winning the Texas Primary, Mitt Romney has the need votes to be the GOP choice. The decision on the V.P. slot is expected soon, however it won't be official until the Republican National Convention in August.

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