Messages For Matt Continued

hello my name is mary i live in batavia i think about your son every day i pray for his return to you and he will god is with him right now and aways ,i will wear my yellow ribbon until he comes home .god bless you all ,always mary ____________________________________________________________________________________ To family of Matt Maupin, Hello my name is Sheri Daugherty I am married with 2 small children and live in Harrison Ohio. I also have a loved one in the military (my husband) and he is also over seas. He has been away from us for about a year and I pray for him every day to return home to us, but I know it's his job to fight for our country. I pray for him, I also have been saying extra prayers for Matt and everyone else over seas, praying for there safe return home. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since his hostage aired and will be until he returns to you safely. God Bless your family, especially Matt and all of our troops! ________________________________________________________________________ To the family of Matt Maupin. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day. I have a Son-in-Law who is over in Afganistan, since last September, having to leave his wife [my daughter] after only being married a short time, in Alaska. Both are so far away, both are loved and missed, just like you love and miss Matt. I think of you every day, along with the thoughts of my family. God Bless.... Sharon. _________________________________________________________________________ To the Maupin family and friends: My name is Kathy, and I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you always. I sit and try to imagine just how hard it is knowing that your son is in trouble, and I hope and pray that he makes it home safely. Stay strong, and remember that the good Lord will be with you through thick and thin. ________________________________________________________________________ Dear Maupin Family, May God bless Matt and all of you, as he hears all of our prayers. Angie Spring and Family ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Maupin family, I'm a neighbor of yours and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray everyday that Matt is returned home safely. Please extend my thoughts and prayers to Matt's wife and child that my thoughts and prayers are with them. The Tate Family __________________________________________________________________________ To the parents of Matt Maupin,Im the mother of four children in Mason,i have a 14 year old son .We are praying for your son's safe return. God bless you all and especially Matt for being brave and serving our country. heather whiting __________________________________________________________________________ To the family of Matt Maupin. Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through this tough time in your lives. We know that God is protecting your son from harm. Love and prayers. Jennifer and Rob Cincinnati Ohio _________________________________________________________________________ Keep your thoughts positive and your prayers going everyone is in support for you mentally and spiritually. I have five children. My husband was in Vietnam listed as M.I.A. His bnrother servrd there also. My husband job was very dangerous. Keep the faith. It will come out o.k. Bless you and your family, Susan Ligon __________________________________________________________________________ A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you and pray for your safe return. In our hearts and minds your a hero and we'll always be proud you and your fellow soldiers are keeping our country safe and its citizens safe. To your family I pray your son will be returned safe to you and please know your not alone your always in our hearts and prayers. I'll pray everyday for his safe return! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Kevin and Sandy Hensley, Versailles, Indiana _________________________________________________________________________ Dear Maupin Family, My neice is currently serving in Iraq. She is a graduate from Amelia. Her name is Christine Westerkamp Timmons. She was to come home in April and while waiting for her flight home, was called to serve further time. Our family, here in Loveland and all extended family, is praying for you and your family. - Chris ________________________________________________________________________ Dear Matt Maupin's Family, My name is Brittani Cheek. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I currently have a boyfriend serving in the Army in Kuwait. His name is also Matt. This happening with your son, has made me so depressed. I pray for your family and, him as well, every night. I hope the Military does what they can for your family and for finding Matt. I will continue to pray for you all. God is watching over him. I have a lot of faith and hope that he will come home safely. I hope you do too. Sincerely, Brittani Cheek _________________________________________________________________________ Dear Family of Matt Maupin, I am a 21 year old young man from Waycross, GA. I have seen things on TV and the only thing I do know is that your son and I are about the same age. I lay down every night praying for all of them boys to be ok. As GOD tells us that we can not neglect the sick and poor. So we will not fail to help those that are less fortunate. If I could, I would be right beside your son. But my physical conditions will not allow me to be. So instead of it being me it is someone else's son, and for that I send a million apologies. I hope and pray that everything turns out for the best. And that you and yours will be whole again. With as much heart as I have, Clark Lairsey _______________________________________________________________________ Dear Family of Matt Maupin, My name is Staci Young from Lebanon, OH. Your story has touched my heart. At this time I know of no one close to me that is in Iraq. But with two young boys of my own, I can't even imagine what your feelings are. I hope that thoughts and prayers from others will help guide you and Matt back together again. I wish there was more I could do to help but I know that my prayers and prayers from others make a difference. __________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Maupin Family, Just wanted you to know that I pray to the Lord Jesus for Matt daily as he is always on my mind. I also pray for His arms to be wrapped around you all during this trial. God bless you and keep you. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Maupin Family, My name is Tina Widlowski and I live in West Chester, OH. I am married with 2 children. I watch the news every night in hopes of hearing good news of your son Matt's safe return. He is truly a hero and a brave man. I pray for him and your family every day. Please know that you are not alone - Matt has touched our lives too. May God truly bless you and return Matt home safely. Sincerely, Tina Widlowski _____________________________________________________________________________________ Maupin Family, Hi my name is Danielle and I am from Dry Ridge, KY. I just wanted you all to know that I am also praying for Matt to return and I keep each and everyone of you in my prayers and in my thoughts. Praying For You, Danielle _________________________________________________________________________________ May the Holy Spirit be upon your baby. May the Lord Protect him and bring him home safely. God is good and he will answer prayers, just believe. Margie Ceja Lubbock, Texas ____________________________________________________________________________________ To the family of Matt Maupin, I am a mother of 4 children, 2 of which are grown sons, and live in Northern KY. I cannot imagine what your family is facing right now. My heart goes out to you along with my strongest prayers. Just know that we in Kentucky are with you, cause to us, he is a local boy. God bless and we pray for his safe return home soon. Annette from Walton ___________________________________________________________________________________ HELLO I AM CATHY FROM GREENTOWNSHIP AND I AM, SENDING YOU MY THOUGHTS AND CONCERNS TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY. THIS LETTER IS FOR OUR PROUD TROOP AND OUR HERO MATT. WE LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF OUR HAEART AND WE WILL KEEP IN IN OUR PRAYERS DAY AND NIGHT. I ALSO WORK FOR SAMS CLUB AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THAT MY CLUB 6450 IS WEARING HIS PICTURE IN PROUD HONOR AND SUPPORT OF OUT WONDERFUL PFC MATT MAUPIN. WE WEAR HIS PICTURE EVERYDAY WITH HONORS. WE WILL KEEP HIM IN OUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS FOR HIS SAFE RETURN HOME. IN OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ALWAYS BEST WISHES WIHT LOVE AND CARE CATHY GREENTOWNSHIP. _________________________________________________________________________________ To the family of Matt Maupin, You don't know me but my name is Venessa Smelser and I live in Batavia township,not to far from you. I am 20 years old and although I have never met Matt,I want you to know that Matt is in my prayers every night and morning.It is amazing to see how our community can come together and show our support not only for Matt but all of the other men and women over in Iraq. I know that what you are going through right now is hard but what you have to remember is that love conqurs everything.No matter has big or small the situation is love will get you through it. I am sure that Matt knows that everyone is praying for his return and how much love not only that you have for him but the whole community as well and it is only a matter of time when he returns.I hope that this messege gets to you because I want you to know that what is going on is effecting everyone of all ages,shapes,colors,and sizes and that I can't wait to hear the news that Matt is safe and back home with the people who love and care about him the most. Sincerely, Venessa Smelser ____________________________________________________________________________________ To the Matt Maupin Family: Your family as well as hundreds of others are in our prayers. I am a mother of three and a grandmother of 5. Yellow ribbons adorn my two trees in my front yard and a yellow bow is on my deck out back. For several months I have been making Cross in Pockets in red/white/blue for service men. They arent anything fancy but they contain a prayer inside. I have sent these to service men that were in the paper in Harrison and have just mailed about 30 some to a lady who is a Marine mother. I am sending some to you for your family. If you have friends that would like one or would like to send some to their sons or family member in the service, please let me know and I will see that you get more. I make them but it is expensive for me to send them individually but if I can make contact with others, they can send them on. There is no charge. I feel like the Lord has laid this task on my heart as something I can do for either the service men or their families. I will mail them out tomorrow to the Clermont Yellow Ribbon address, so be looking for them. Hope they are of some comfort to you and the service men. In Christian Love, Diana Turner _____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Family of Matt Maupin: My name is Pam Malone and I am from Hamilton, OH. After seeing the emotional homcoming of James Gregory and his family, I immediately thought of you. Hoping that one day soon your family will be doing the same. To be able to put your arms around Matt and not let go!!!!!! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear family, We want you to know that your son is in our prayer's during this difficult time. The Moore Family, Pleasant Ridge. _________________________________________________________________________ Dear Maupin Family, My niece's husband is in Iraq and I worry about him every day. The worry you are undoubtedly feeling must be unbearable. I pray that Matt is released soon and that he is back safely in your arms. Marcia Mills Ludlow , KY _________________________________________________________________________ Hey Maupin's family, I am Eddie Wright, I am 17 and I am from Dayton, Ky. I watch the news everyday for Matt, and I am praying for him. you guys and Matt is in my prayers. I had the whole Church to pray for you guys. If you know the First Baptist Church Dayton (which burned down on January 16, 2004), thats the church that is praying for you guys. I am sorry to hear about Matt, and I hope you guys will get him back ASAP. I will continue to pray for him until God brings him back to you guys. If you guys need a place to be comfortable or will be in the tri-state, please come to First Baptist Church Dayton 501 Dayton Ave, Dayton Ky thank you GOD BLESS YOU Eddie Wright Dayton, KY Eddie Wright _________________________________________________________________________ Hello I only recently, through my Mother, learned of Matt's situation. All our service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan are in my daily prayers. Now, I will be sure to mention Matt by name each time. As a graduate of Glen Este HS (and former war vet) Matt's situation has now personalized the Iraq War to a degree I'd not thought possible. I'll not presume to know or understand your feelings and emotions. I just wanted you to know that Matt's safe return home is now on my mind also. When he returns, please, on my behalf, thank him for his service and his courage. Have a great homecoming. Sincerely Norris Hazelton, Class of 1966 ____________________________________________________________________ Thoughts and prayers are with you for Matt's safe return home. I believe in the power and prayer and I feel our prayers will be answered soon. Maureen ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, my name is Candice Willham, I am 20 years old and I live in the western hills area of Cincinnati. I just wanted to let Matt and his family know that my family and my prayers are with you everyday. I have a lot of faith that he will make it home safe and not hurt. I think about him everyday and it has really touched me and my family. I wear a pin with his face and a yellow ribbon everyday for support. You have my prayers and all of my faith. God bless you Matt Maupin!