Lincoln Heights launches gun amnesty program

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, OH (FOX19) - Police in Lincoln Heights are hoping to make their town a little safer through a gun amnesty program.

The town of 4,500 residents hasn't had an act of gun violence so far this year. Police Chief Kevin Corey says he hopes the gun amnesty program will keep it that way. "We want people to turn in their guns so that the opportunity for life increases and the opportunity for gun mishaps decreases," said Chief Corey.

Corey says between June 1 and June 15 guns can be turned in with no questions asked, but no reward will be given. "What we're doing is leaning on our faith, our faith in God, our faith in God. What we're saying to the people is that it's more than about the buck it's about the safety of the community," said Corey.

We asked some Lincoln Heights residents if they think the program will work.

Tyrone Williams who owns a landscaping business says he has his doubts.  "I don't think those guys are going to turn their guns in. They for them, they're not going to turn something in that they paid for. I mean that don't make no sense," said Williams.

Lisa Seay is more optimistic. "I think it would work and hopefully a lot of people bring their guns down here and turn them in," said Seay.

Sharon Wykes says she'd like to see guns taken off the streets. "I think it will work some. A little bit does help. I think it will work in some aspects," said Wykes.

Reverend Trevor Babb says he has a lot of hope for the program. "It has great potential. I've seen it work in another community, but I think we need to move further. I think we need to constantly engage the young people and those people who would certainly be tempted to use guns for violence. We need to find ways of engaging them more productively, but I think that this can make a significant impact into the safety of our community," said Babb.

Chief Corey says police will accept guns even after the amnesty period ends.  He's asking people that want to tun in a gun to pleas unload them first.

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